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Bedford, Indiana, US

Phone: 812-275-2001


The Twelve Months of Christmas came about in a strange way. In 2002, my husband, Randy and I went to Las Vegas. As we were going to the hotel, I noticed a panel truck with “Jones Christmas Shop” on it. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I looked their number up in the phone book and gave them a call. During a break in gaming, I took some time to visit their shop. And visit the shop I did! I spent 4 hours browsing and upon leaving the store I thanked the owners and told them how much I enjoyed seeing all of their decorations. They told me that if I liked their shop, I should go to Atlanta and visit Americas-Mart where buyers order Christmas merchandise for their stores. I made the trip to Atlanta and it was like dying and going to Heaven. While in the MeraVic Showroom, a rep got an order form out. I told her I wasn't going to order anything and that I was just looking. Apparently Lisa was an extremely good sales rep because I placed a substantial order for a non-existing business. And that is how The Twelve Months of Christmas came to be.

With my passion for Christmas and decorating, and Randy's love of construction, we have built a thriving business that brings joy not only to us but to all who enter our Christmas Store. From our first year in a 2,000 square foot building to the current 13,000 square foot building, we continually work on improving our building and the displays within.


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