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There's a motto we live by at Bath Fitter: don't be right, get it right. It embodies the spirit of continual improvement, helping ourselves and the world become a better place every day by recognizing problems and finding solutions.

That spirit comes from the top, Bath Fitter founders and brothers Brian, Wayne and Glenn Cotton. They took a simple idea - that there should be an easier and more reliable way to remodel your bathroom than the demolition they were stuck with in the 80's - invested lots of hard work and turned it into a thriving international company. First, they saw that commercial properties, like hotels, were running into big problems renovating their old bathrooms. Demolition cost the businesses so much time and money and contractors could be fickle. Bath Fitter provided the solution, letting commercial spaces give their patrons the luxurious tubs and showers hotels are famous for, and get back to business sooner.

But the Cotton brothers believe home owners deserve the same sparkling baths as 5-star hotels, without the extensive and extended demolition that can seriously inconvenience home life. So they quickly expanded their offerings for residential homes. For more than 35 years, Bath Fitter has worked to perfect that process to bring everyone a better bath that takes into account real people's needs. That's why Bath Fitter tubs and showers are made of high-gloss acrylic that wipes clean easily, and they are installed in one day for ultimate convenience. We still work every single day to be better and to continually improve our products and our customers' lives.

That's the Bath Fitter promise — the spirit of continual improvement guides us as we look forward to a long future of serving our communities and getting it right.


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