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142 E. Harrison St , Mooresville, IN, US

Phone: (765) 342-4200

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Who We Are

We are a family owned business established in early 2010. We were tired of driving to other cities just to have our auto's detailed so we decided to open
our own Shop.
We take pride in our professional, detail-oriented services and we are a fully insured. We are a passionately committed business offering premium detailing services for every type of vehicle, including motorcycles, boats and RV's.
We use only professional, high quality detailing products and equipment to ensure superior results every time.
We look forward to meeting you soon and bringing your prized auto back to a mirror like shine and unbelievable interior restoration. No need for an appointment, just call us or stop by!
What We Do

We Hand wash every auto starting with a degreaser in the wheel wells, and door jams. Then, we apply a debugging solution to the bumpers, front windshield, and rear view mirrors. With a soft sponge, we agitate the bug residue from the vehicle with an application of wheel acid to the rims to remove brake dust and contaminants from the wheels, as well as white wall brightener.

Under the hood we apply a concentrated degreaser to the engine that will break down all the grit and grime that has accumulated over the years (Works and above Packages only).

Then comes the soap and wax combo bath with color enhancing agents to start the recovery of the paints' original luster with a 2500 psi rinse to remove any remaining debris from the auto. Using a hand chamois method, your car is dried using air hoses to blow any and all water from the cracks to prevent water streaks. The interior is super cleaned: Using 125 psi of air and detail brushes, we use a vinyl cleaner / dressing to remove any and all dust and debris from the smallest of places. Extensive vacuuming with a high powered vacuum removing all dirt and soil form the carpeting and seats. Steam cleaning (Works and above Packages only) the carpeting and upholstery thoroughly to remove debris and deep spots and soil with lather, then we use a conditioning cleaner to help prevent soiling and cracks. Dressing all rubber and vinyl using a formulated solution that is residue free, therefore it will not attract dirt after the cleaning keeping the auto shining for days on end. Dressing the engIne with the same solution (Works and above Packages only). Windows and chrome are cleaned with a streak free window cleaner to remove any and all contaminants from the glass. Spray wax application applied using a specially formulated spray wax, and we coat the entire auto again with a color enhancing wax to help protect the auto shine. Apply fragrance, your choice of vanilla, cherry or new car.

Extreme Package only: We dress all exterior trim pieces, spot dye over stains in carpeting if needed and apply an additional paste wax using the orbital polisher to bring the paint to an unbelievable shine.
Additional Services:

High speed buffing: a three stage process starting with a compound to remove clear coat scratches and mild orange peel from the paint, the we apply a glazing compound to eliminate any swirls from the buffer then finally, applying that all so popular polish makes any car re-obtain that show room shine.
Clay barring: removes any contaminants from the paint like tree sap, mold and paint overspray.
Paint touch up: repairing those unsightly knicks and scratches with either a brush or an air brush depending on the application.
Under body Paint: Truck frames, wheel wells, etc.
Color Sanding: Removes any blemishes in the clear coat to give it that mirror like finish.


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